Is There Really an Omnivore Dilemma?

I can understand not wanting to eat something because you watched it come into this world (humans do not eat their children is evidence to support this theory). I can understand that if you give it a name that it is hard to see it on the table next to the mashed potatoes. I really … Continue reading Is There Really an Omnivore Dilemma?

Being A Single Mom and Sustainable?

  January has been coming to a close and I remain behind on everything as usual. I thought I had set some attainable goals for this month but apparently not. I am almost done with my business plan and it has caused me to stop and rethink a few things. I am not changing direction … Continue reading Being A Single Mom and Sustainable?

If you haven’t yet…

...please take a moment to scan through the blog site and give me your opinion on how things are shaping up. I know there is a lot to be done still, converting recipe posts to pages, loading up how tos and gardening articles, etc.  But it will all get done. I will have a day … Continue reading If you haven’t yet…

Would You Like To See . . .

All of the recipes in their own section, not just as blog posts? Would you like a section of "HowTo" articles? How about a gardening section? Or even a craft section? I guess what I am getting at is, I want to develop my little piece of cyberspace into a worth repository of information. And … Continue reading Would You Like To See . . .