If you haven’t yet…

...please take a moment to scan through the blog site and give me your opinion on how things are shaping up. I know there is a lot to be done still, converting recipe posts to pages, loading up how tos and gardening articles, etc.  But it will all get done. I will have a day … Continue reading If you haven’t yet…

Would You Like To See . . .

All of the recipes in their own section, not just as blog posts? Would you like a section of "HowTo" articles? How about a gardening section? Or even a craft section? I guess what I am getting at is, I want to develop my little piece of cyberspace into a worth repository of information. And … Continue reading Would You Like To See . . .

Thirty Days of Thankful

It is relatively easy for me to find a lot of things to be thankful for this November. We have had a pretty rough year but things are smoothing out. So many have helped us and supported our efforts to regain a sense of normalcy. I am thankful to everyone for everything they have done. … Continue reading Thirty Days of Thankful

Little House in The Mountains

This is our own Plum Creek. Think little house in the mountains. been a good thing for us. The kids have much larger bedrooms now. Forest Fairy actually having the largest bedroom in the house with an ideal layout for entertaining other teenage friends and a plethora of closet space. Super Hero has managed to … Continue reading Little House in The Mountains