Tasty Tuesdays — Venison Tenderloin

Ingredients: 2 lbs venison tenderloins 1/2 lb bacon 3 cups dark brown sugar 2 cups soy sauce Directions: Mix brown Sugar and Soy sauce together in a bowl. They should combine nicely into a soupy soy liquid. Put Deer Loin in a cooking tray and pour Brown Sugar/Soy Sauce mixture over loin. Roll tenderloin over … Continue reading Tasty Tuesdays — Venison Tenderloin

Mommy Mondays — Taking Care of You

We are always so busy taking care of everyone else and everything else we often forget to take care of ourselves. But what happens when we do get down? Let's just not go there because we know it all falls apart. There are some things you can do to help keep you on your feet: … Continue reading Mommy Mondays — Taking Care of You

Being A Single Mom and Sustainable?

  January has been coming to a close and I remain behind on everything as usual. I thought I had set some attainable goals for this month but apparently not. I am almost done with my business plan and it has caused me to stop and rethink a few things. I am not changing direction … Continue reading Being A Single Mom and Sustainable?

Beating the Winter Blues

Short often dark, dreary days accompanied by long, cold nights can make the perkiest of people feel down. We have eaten so much rich holiday food, not enough sunlight and a gazillion other reasons to feel depressed. We get down, weather turns nasty and we can toss in cabin fever as well to the pile … Continue reading Beating the Winter Blues