Is There Really an Omnivore Dilemma?

I can understand not wanting to eat something because you watched it come into this world (humans do not eat their children is evidence to support this theory). I can understand that if you give it a name that it is hard to see it on the table next to the mashed potatoes. I really … Continue reading Is There Really an Omnivore Dilemma?

Busy Mom Menu Planning Tips

Pre-planning your menu will do several things for you. It will force you to double check your calendar. It will force you to go through your pantry, fridge and freezer (helps keep things fresh). It will also force you to make a grocery list (which will help you stay in budget). Quick note about budgets, … Continue reading Busy Mom Menu Planning Tips

Gearing Up For Back to School

It is that time of year here, for all of us! Some of the things we have been working on, besides the endless list of school supplies, are school lunch planning, organizing and scheduling. We have also been looking at various extracurricular activities. The kids have such varied interests that we have been looking at … Continue reading Gearing Up For Back to School

Dreaming of the Future

Apparently our future has been something weighing on my subconscious mind. I have had a couple of dreams lately depicting the whole layout of the farm. Granted the perfect place I have had daydreams of for years years. Now it is showing up in my regular dreams, so I guess it is time to really layout … Continue reading Dreaming of the Future

Beating the Winter Blues

Short often dark, dreary days accompanied by long, cold nights can make the perkiest of people feel down. We have eaten so much rich holiday food, not enough sunlight and a gazillion other reasons to feel depressed. We get down, weather turns nasty and we can toss in cabin fever as well to the pile … Continue reading Beating the Winter Blues

Thirty Days of Thankful

It is relatively easy for me to find a lot of things to be thankful for this November. We have had a pretty rough year but things are smoothing out. So many have helped us and supported our efforts to regain a sense of normalcy. I am thankful to everyone for everything they have done. … Continue reading Thirty Days of Thankful