What Grade Is Your Child In?

This is a hard one to explain to most people. Their eyes glaze over when I answer their question. My son is learning Algebra 1, studying world history, shop, home economics, life skills, biology, and agriculture. Other than math I couldn't tell you what grade level he is really on. If he had stayed in … Continue reading What Grade Is Your Child In?

How is Your Fall Shaping Up?

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions that haven't made it past the first week? Have you been "meaning" to do something all summer and not gotten to it yet? Are your kids going back to school or are you getting organized for another year of homeschooling? What is on tap for fall?Don't look at … Continue reading How is Your Fall Shaping Up?

You Locked the Door!

Yep, totally ticked my kids off. I locked the screen doors and sent them outside to play on Sunday afternoon. They had been sitting around, bored and it was a beautiful sunny day outside. I heard excuses from I can't do that without my MP3 player to I don't want to use my imagination anymore. … Continue reading You Locked the Door!

Weather Not Good Enough to Play Outside?

"I'm bored" is the call of many a child stuck inside on bad weather days. I think most of us want our kids to stay active and play outside more. I know we struggle with "screen" time here especially when the weather sucks. For the heck of it I checked out The Wild Weather Book … Continue reading Weather Not Good Enough to Play Outside?

School is Almost Here!

I have always loved school. I have always gotten excited about going but there is something about starting this year that has me even more excited. I think it is the freedom I feel to really create a career that I can enjoy and will fall in line with my personal beliefs and dreams. So … Continue reading School is Almost Here!

You Just Won the Lottery!

If you won the lottery today what single life changing dream would you follow? Would buy/build a sustainable homestead? I know I would. Would make sure you were instantly debt free? Would you go to Las Vegas to increase your fortune, or at least try to? Would you give part or all to charity? Mine … Continue reading You Just Won the Lottery!