Finding Resources in Your Own Backyard

It has been a massive search for things to use for building materials. I was considering pallets but as right now I have no way to transport them without paying someone. Remember I like free and cheap. I can’t afford to put out money and run to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any other type of store.

So what to do to get stuff done has become the question. Well here are some ideas I have come up with, inspired by my new friends over at Accidental Hippies.

Where to get wood?

It is all around our property honestly. From trees that need to come down to the ones that have already fallen. Not to mention the pieces from various older projects that are just hanging out. We already have a chainsaw and many other tools to make them all work.

How to put them together?

Well that is a little tricky. We have various size screws and nails already. Some cam be recycled from old projects and well there is always tongue and groove. They are also inexpensive enough to just go and buy. Free is best but cheap works well too.


Well with what we already have and family members close by we can find what we need. Somethings we could even possibly make. There are plenty of options here including for human power. We want to be self sufficient not hermits. I am lucky to have a family equipped with multiple trade skills.

My main outlay will hopefully be in food. Nothing like working hard and having a good heart meal to celebrate a job well done.

Upcoming projects

  • Garden fence
  • Rabbit cages
  • Our own henhouse
  • Property fencing
  • House repairs
  • Barn
  • Outdoor kitchen

Not all of these this year but as time goes by. And many other things that will come up over time.

Light, Love, and Peace


Top 5 Reasons to do Breakfast.

Sunny Side-thumbThere are many reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are the top 5 reasons you shouldn’t forgo your first meal of the day.


1. Breakfast decreases appetite.

This is the time to fill up on high-fiber, nutrient dense foods. You will find that you have fewer cravings during the day for carbohydrate leaden food. You will feel full longer in the day.

2. You eat less.

This really ties into #1. Eat your wheaties folks! Or whatever it is you desire for breakfast just make it big, nutritious, and filling. Avoid empty calories pack your meal with proteins, high fiber, carbohydrates, and natural fat.

3. You will improve your brain function and make your day more pleasant.

Carbohydrates are not the enemy. High quality carbohydrates give energy for the entire day. They are necessary for brain function, improving your mood and lowering your stress. When your body doesn’t have the nutrition that it needs you will find you can’t concentrate, you get “hangry”, you just can’t function. Start your day off right and make it a good day.

4. You can decrease your risk of chronic illness.

There is research available that shows you can decrease your risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses that are plaguing not just the elderly anymore but young people as well. Encourage healthy eating habits from the beginning.

5. Yes, you will lose weight.491616-thumb

There is a myth in the US that you have to deprive yourself of food in order to lose weight. This is not true. With a regular workout routine and eating breakfast you will lose weight. How? Very simply your metabolism gets a boost from eating first thing in the morning. And of course regular exercise helps as well.