Backyard Farming Book Review

backayard farmingWhether you have farmed for years or you are still dreaming of about it, Backyard Farming on an Acre (more or less) is a must have addition to your homesteading library. Angela England’s personal experience brings so much to this book. She includes all the relevant topics on how to successfully become a Backyard Farmer. You can apply the information to a small plot of land or to 100+ acres. Her dedication to providing her family with fresh wholesome food and a sustainable lifestyle is amazing.

Backyard Farming on an Acre provides prospective homesteaders with the information they need to find and/or prepare their home and land for farming. Angela gives a realistic view point how to choose where to live, how to prepare the land, what you need and advice on what to grow and raise on a small plot. TheĀ concise informative chapters on small livestock, crafting, food preservation, small buildings and record keeping along with other resources makes this an excellent addition to your library.

This book has already made its rounds through my family. My dad, a seasoned farmer and craftsman, who has read more than his fair share of farming, gardening and animal husbandry books enjoyed Angela’s fresh approach to farming. He has even agreed that there things we need to apply to our own small farm to improve production. Hopefully he will return the book to me soon! He is reading it a second time and taking notes.


Where can you purchase this awesome book?

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