Enchanted Farm Shares

As we continue to grow and expand the products that we offer there will be various shares available to our customers. This is above an beyond our standard farm stand offerings. It is similar to a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) where customers buy into the market garden and receive a weekly package of produce and other products, depending on availability. The customer becomes a part of the farming structure, taking the risks and successes right along side the farmer. Some weeks you will not know what to do with all the produce and will find yourself sharing it with others and other weeks there may not be anything available at all. Farming is at the mercy of mother nature at the end of the day. The farmer will do everything in their power to keep produce and other products coming to you during the season.

The structure of the shares here at Enchanted Farmstead are designed to be affordable and allow anyone to enjoy our bounty. No two farms will ever be set up exactly the same and we hope that you, our customer, will shop around and compare to find what is right for your family.

For this summer season (2019) our shares have sold out. We are considering a fall share package for those who have already bought in and are not currently receiving any produce as the garden has stalled due to the weather. Fear not we are already planning for next spring. As this was a first year for us and there have been some pitfalls. We are currently converting our gardens from traditional till to no till, for better weed/pest control and wiser water consumption.

We are currently offering only produce, eggs, and value added product shares. The buy in is low compared to other CSAs in the area. The purpose of the initial buy in is to help offset some of the farmer’s cost of start up each season. Items such as seeds, plants, equipment, and repairs. There is also a weekly payment due at pick up. We do not do a one price fits all, which is why we use a low buy in cost. This way if there is no produce or you are unable to pick up your basket, you do not have to worry about money wasted. Though you are always welcome to send someone in your stead to grab your basket.

In the future we hope to offer complete farm shares which would include pastured poultry. rabbit, and goat’s milk in addition to produce. As we grow and expand our operation we will include break downs of what is available, in what combinations, etc.

If you are interested in seeing our current garden option click on the links below.