Well It’s Done

This is the new "sassy" look she is developing.The kids are all now officially being homeschooled. No more virtual charter school. And it is so much more relaxing. I love Calvert Academy of South Carolina but it became so overwhelming for them that busting into tears at every turn is not education and no real … Continue reading Well It’s Done

Lowe’s Grow and Build Clinic

Yesterday we had an exciting morning. All the kids knew was that we had to be some where early in the morning. Anything before noon most days is early morning. So we had breakfast and piled in the car and headed out. As we pulled into our local Lowe's Home Improvement Store the kids got … Continue reading Lowe’s Grow and Build Clinic

What do Little Red Riding Hood, Bakugan and Manga all have in common?

My kids!!! They are putting together their own version of Little Red Riding Hood play. Momma is doing costumes and I think there are a couple of neighborhood kids who have been shang highed in to participating as well. Once we have a performance date available I will let everyone know. My daughter is making … Continue reading What do Little Red Riding Hood, Bakugan and Manga all have in common?

Parenting Peacefully and Joyfully

The title is stolen, I will admit it, they are words I have heard and read over and over again on unschooling websites and on discussion groups. But I have truly begun to take those discussions and readings into my own life. When reading a thread on another group that I belong to and listening … Continue reading Parenting Peacefully and Joyfully

What would the world be like without ice cream?

Well we wouldn't have had a blast today going to Ben and Jerry's free cone day. We got to support our local chapter of Miracle League. Enjoy the world's best ice cream and climbing on dinosaurs. Of course Morgan wanted to have another cone but settled for feeding the pair of mallards on the strip … Continue reading What would the world be like without ice cream?

Balloons, Easter, and other random thoughts

Well, we celebrated spring yesterday with baskets of chocolate and kite flying. The kite flying was ok, not quite enough wind but we still had a blast. Ok except for when DS's got caught in two different trees. The first time a neighbor rescued it with his ladder and a long pipe and the second … Continue reading Balloons, Easter, and other random thoughts

Some quotes about children

"You are worried about seeing him spend his early years in doing nothing. What! Is it nothing to be happy? Nothing to skip, play and run around all day long? Never in his life will he be so busy again."Jean Jacques Rousseau"Delight and liberty, the simple creed of childhood."William Wordsworth"Grown men can learn from very … Continue reading Some quotes about children