Make Your Own Apple Sauce

Courtesy of WikipediaPerhaps one of the easiest apple dishes to make in the entire world. There is nothing really purer than freshly made apple sauce.Ingredients:Apples, peeled, cored and sliced.WaterCinnamon stick (1 for every 2 quarts of apples)Directions:Place the apples into a large stock pot.Add water until it just barely covers the apples.Add cinnamon stick(s)Turn the … Continue reading Make Your Own Apple Sauce

Summer Snacks Part 2: Traveling with kids

Ants on a log borrowed from the School's out or you have little ones or you homeschool or you are going on vacation, no matter the scenario when you have kids you are running around with them in the car. The inevitable happens, "I'm hungry." "I'm thirsty." What is your first instinct? Pull into … Continue reading Summer Snacks Part 2: Traveling with kids

Summer Time Snack Ideas

Frozen smoothies healthy, delicious snacks. Summer time is just about upon us and if you have kids running around they are going to want snacks. Since I have become more┬áconscious of what we eat, especially my Super Hero, it almost seems like things are limited but really they aren't if you become creative. We are … Continue reading Summer Time Snack Ideas