What to do with Left Over Potatoes?

It almost doesn't matter what kind of potatoes you have left over you can make them into another meal. It is really quite simple.Left over Potato CasseroleThis could be Au Gratin, Scalloped, Hash brown casserole, etc.Place in a sauce pan and add milk (1/2 cup for every cup of left over casserole). Set the burner … Continue reading What to do with Left Over Potatoes?

Homemade Baked Beans

Ready to bake!Last night's dinner was smoked sausage, homemade baked beans and fresh salad. This is the first time I have made baked beans that actually turned out edible. The secret, is letting your beans soak long enough to really become soft.Ingredients:2 cups of soaked northern beans2 Pieces of bacon 2 small pieces of ham … Continue reading Homemade Baked Beans