Gearing Up For Back to School

It is that time of year here, for all of us! Some of the things we have been working on, besides the endless list of school supplies, are school lunch planning, organizing and scheduling. We have also been looking at various extracurricular activities. The kids have such varied interests that we have been looking at … Continue reading Gearing Up For Back to School

Proud Momma

From the first day of school.I am absolutely beaming with pride. Morgan was struggling so hard at the beginning of the year that there was concern that he might need to repeat 2nd grade. Now just 6 weeks into the school year he has progressed quickly and is adjusting well. His teachers are beaming with … Continue reading Proud Momma

Homeschooling On The Road we prepare to head north to see family and friends we are also planning out some things to do in the car and stops to make on the way their and the way back home. Not to mention our field trip to Spikenard Farm while visiting. Granted we turn everyday trips around town into … Continue reading Homeschooling On The Road

Spontaneous Learning! morning! At least it is morning here. Lots going on around here including spontaneous learning. Simple everyday things and a smidgen of strewing is getting the kids more into learning than ever before.I love it when something as simple as a yard full of dragon flies lead to research about dragonfly migration. Setting up a badminton … Continue reading Spontaneous Learning!

Well It’s Done

This is the new "sassy" look she is developing.The kids are all now officially being homeschooled. No more virtual charter school. And it is so much more relaxing. I love Calvert Academy of South Carolina but it became so overwhelming for them that busting into tears at every turn is not education and no real … Continue reading Well It’s Done

This Week’s Homeschool Adventures

Claire's interpretation of a poem.We seem to have grand adventures on a daily basis. This week started off with hanging with our friends and neighbors. There was the now infamous Nerf war, nature walk, a bit of activism and fun watching the kids explore. These excursions require a crock pot meal for dinner or something … Continue reading This Week’s Homeschool Adventures

3 Different Learning Styles

Every child learns differently. The number of learning styles in your family is directly related to the number of people in it. In our case we have 3 children and each one learns differently.The SuperheroStickers, Wii and Dolly, a perfect afternoon.The Superhero must be in perpetual motion in order for him to focus. I think … Continue reading 3 Different Learning Styles