Ok that’s it this is the final change

Well not final, final change but the frugal living book that I have been working on that started off as an idea for a quarterly online magazine has come full circle. I am working on the layout now and will be setting up to take subscriptions for it by the middle of May. I really … Continue reading Ok that’s it this is the final change

I have lost the original files.

Well, after figuring out I needed to wipe down the back up DVDs, I discovered that since I created the original life organizer my doc files are gone. So I will be extracting from the pdf file to do the necessary editing. I just want to spruce it up and make it a little easier … Continue reading I have lost the original files.

Today is a work day

I have been busy today working on the One World newsletter layout and web site. This is a home schooling newsletter for the Unitarian Universalist Homeschoolers. I think it is going to be an awesome newsletter once we get it all put together.I am also working on locating my original files for the Life Ogranizer … Continue reading Today is a work day

Well it looks like the trip is postponed

We were planning on making a trip to North Carolina tomorrow to get our things out of storage. Apparently this is not going to happen as plans have fallen through. Oh well, disappointing in some ways but not in others. Unbeknown to my husband plans for his birthday party have continued. We will be having … Continue reading Well it looks like the trip is postponed

List of pending projects

Oh my this could be quite a list but here goes:Frugal Cooking Book (I just need to sit and write)Frugal Cook Book (companion to the above)Children's Story CollectionPoetry CollectionArticles for posting on ehow.com and articlesbase.comMy own website/logo etcI think that is just a start. I look to update this list once I get myself going. … Continue reading List of pending projects