Enchanted Farmstead Coming Part 2

Middle Ground By the time we are to our halfway point in our five year plan our grocery bill should be cut in half. We should have enough produce that that should be off our list. The house repairs/remodels should be complete. And livestock should begin to be established. Livestock will include cows, chickens, rabbits, … Continue reading Enchanted Farmstead Coming Part 2

Enchanted Farmstead coming soon!

Starting Life Over What a way to round out the year. We lost a big part of our lives on Dec. 15th, daddy passed peacefully. Life had become a battleground for him and finally he was ready to find peace. He was our mighty oak, strong and able to bend with the winds. We are … Continue reading Enchanted Farmstead coming soon!

You Just Won the Lottery!

If you won the lottery today what single life changing dream would you follow? Would buy/build a sustainable homestead? I know I would. Would make sure you were instantly debt free? Would you go to Las Vegas to increase your fortune, or at least try to? Would you give part or all to charity? Mine … Continue reading You Just Won the Lottery!

Farm Business Plan: Do I Really Need One?

Well that depends really on you. Some people can work well with just a list of their goals, others need more details. We would all love to have our farms support us, how you get to that end is really up to you and that is where a business plan comes into play. To see … Continue reading Farm Business Plan: Do I Really Need One?

Little House in The Mountains

This is our own Plum Creek. Think little house in the mountains. been a good thing for us. The kids have much larger bedrooms now. Forest Fairy actually having the largest bedroom in the house with an ideal layout for entertaining other teenage friends and a plethora of closet space. Super Hero has managed to … Continue reading Little House in The Mountains

Excitement Building!

The mountain in the background is now so true! No, not excitement over my birthday. Excitement over our new beginning. Plans are forming in my head for our new farm location. I have been a bit envious of many of my #gardenchat friends on twitter with their beautiful gardens. I know it takes time and … Continue reading Excitement Building!