Water Bath Canning vs Pressure Canning

Some links are affiliate links. I receive a small commission from these but it does not affect your purchases. There really is no debate on which you should choose. There are somethings are safe to water bath can but everything can be pressure canned. Why can't I water bath can low acid foods? My grandma … Continue reading Water Bath Canning vs Pressure Canning

Fresh Walnuts

We are going to begin harvesting all the black walnuts that are falling from the trees this week. The process isn't complicated it really requires patience. Harvesting: Harvest walnuts directly from the tree if you can reach them. The hull should be a yellowish green color. If you cannot reach them harvest them from the … Continue reading Fresh Walnuts

Gardening Plans

Our visition of the future from Tammy Curry on Vimeo. We are getting ready to layout our new garden for next spring. We aren't doing raised beds on this property we are going to turn the soil and plant directly. There is no concern here for trash that was buried or other soil contaminants. The grass … Continue reading Gardening Plans