Water Bath Canning vs Pressure Canning

Some links are affiliate links. I receive a small commission from these but it does not affect your purchases. There really is no debate on which you should choose. There are somethings are safe to water bath can but everything can be pressure canned. Why can't I water bath can low acid foods? My grandma … Continue reading Water Bath Canning vs Pressure Canning

Making Time to Cook

It is so very, very tempting to buy pre-made foods. Why? The answer is quite simple, time. As a busy working mom (granted all moms work) I find myself strapped for time to make the delicious, whole food meals that my kids have to come expect. So how am I managing this?I keep a calendar, … Continue reading Making Time to Cook

Tuesday Tip of the week #2

http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1023404Yep I am reviving my cooking tips this week. About time don't ya think?Anyway, I have been posting about snacks for kids for the summer time over the last few days. So I think to round out that line of conversation I am going to talk about making homemade chips. All kids love something crunchy … Continue reading Tuesday Tip of the week #2

How to Roll an Egg Roll

Ready for cooking.Not everyone but I am sure there are a few who are intimidated by rolling up and making their own egg rolls. It's fast an easy actually. We have used a no fry recipe here twice now and love it. Totally non-greasy which let's you enjoy the flavor of the filling more. We … Continue reading How to Roll an Egg Roll

Tuesday Tip of the Week #1

Warm weather has arrived in the majority of the US by now. It is time to start thinking about lighter meals that require less heat. Less heat produced in the kitchen means less money spent on cooling the rest of the house.Keep fresh fruits and veggies on hand for munchingUse a crock pot when ever … Continue reading Tuesday Tip of the Week #1

Cooking Tip #1 — #SundaySupper

I am going to pull a page out of my grandmother's book for my first cooking tip. Start with an old fashioned #SundaySupper. If you need ideas for these you can follow the hash tag on Twitter. Do you remember why Sunday Supper had been such an important part of meal planning? At one point … Continue reading Cooking Tip #1 — #SundaySupper