Getting Ready for Chickens!

I picked up the first set of hatching eggs. Birdman will be by to pick them up and put them in the incubator this week. It's awful when your job gets in the way of your work. You do what you gotta do. There will be other breeds running around soon too. I love variety … Continue reading Getting Ready for Chickens!

Check Your Local Code Before You Get Urban Chickens

Looking to keep poultry in town? Here is an example of our local code that says yes, we can keep chickens within certain limits, such as keep your chicken house clean. It even says that pygmy goats would be permitted as pets. So are you allowed to milk pets to keep them healthy? Hhmmm...something my … Continue reading Check Your Local Code Before You Get Urban Chickens

Chicken and Children Holder

Children and Chickens.Well it's time to dust and clean out the cobs webs on this blog. A month since my last post? What a bad blogger I am! At any rate things are progressing here on the farm. Still garden beds to build and seeds to sow but we are getting there. If nothing else … Continue reading Chicken and Children Holder

Building a Chicken Brooder

These are the beauties we want to raise now.It is going to be a little bit longer before we get to building our chicken/rabbit house however we do need to get started on a brooder for the chicks we want to order. I have been surveying the materials we have outside and I think we … Continue reading Building a Chicken Brooder