Walking to End Alzheimer’s

We have all heard the jokes about how someone with Alzheimer's could hide their own Easter Eggs. Many of us who care for victims of this disease make jokes to cope with the devastation it causes. It is a degenerative disease and the progress is can be slow and torturous or if one is lucky … Continue reading Walking to End Alzheimer’s

Entering the Homestretch

Well the paint is drying at the apartment and new carpet has been ordered and will be installed on Friday. Guess what that means?! We will finally be able to move in to the apartment. Hotel living sucks, it just plain sucks. Grand adventure for a week or so but it is costly on levels … Continue reading Entering the Homestretch

Back Online with a New Look

Back online, new look and new URL. A new plan as well. Shifting away from farming as a way to demonstrate and make changes in our lives to just focusing on how our family can still become sustainable and contribute to the education of others. Welcome to Single Sustainable Mom, where I will share how … Continue reading Back Online with a New Look

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

Generic term vs specific term in my opinion. Acknowledging that there are other holidays this time of year is not a war on Christmas or Christians. Please don't forget that Jesus Christ didn't celebrate Christmas he celebrated¬†Hanukkah. He also taught love, peace, kindness, giving, sharing, charity, etc. The supposed war on Christmas or Christians is … Continue reading Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

Happy Anniversary

Just a quick update, this post wasn't supposed to publish until Thursday, November 29th, on our actual anniversary. Today we would have been married 9 years, though we spent a grand total of 15 years together. We had a small wedding at a little white church around the corner from the farm in Willis, VA. … Continue reading Happy Anniversary

If you haven’t yet…

...please take a moment to scan through the blog site and give me your opinion on how things are shaping up. I know there is a lot to be done still, converting recipe posts to pages, loading up how tos and gardening articles, etc. ¬†But it will all get done. I will have a day … Continue reading If you haven’t yet…