The Incredible Rosemary

Common Name Standardized: rosemary Latin name: Rosemarinus officinalis Plant Family: Lamiaceae (mint) Overview This is a woody, perennial plant with a 2 year life span, or so I have heard, mine typically live for several years. It is native to the Mediterranean and a member of the mint family. It is a fragrant addition to … Continue reading The Incredible Rosemary

Top Goals

My goals for the new year are pretty simple. I think I have mentioned before that I don't do resolutions, they don't stick. But goals, goals I can stick to. Short Term Goals Get budget on track Start Craft business Start looking for area to relocate Mid Range Goals Start saving money for downpayment Look … Continue reading Top Goals

Thursday Thoughts — Being Thankful

I don't think we need to wait until November to be thankful. However it has become tradition for me to say something about the year as it draws to a close. I think we should be thankful everyday for what we have. I know that I am thankful for family, friends and everything that I … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts — Being Thankful

Rants and Raves

There have been several things weighing on my mind lately. The government shut down being one but even more has been the latest Food Lion commercial. Food Lion Commercial This commercial starts off wonderfully. A family planting a garden. The son asks when will the veggies be ready. The lion appears and says don't wait … Continue reading Rants and Raves

How is Your Fall Shaping Up?

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions that haven't made it past the first week? Have you been "meaning" to do something all summer and not gotten to it yet? Are your kids going back to school or are you getting organized for another year of homeschooling? What is on tap for fall?Don't look at … Continue reading How is Your Fall Shaping Up?

Is life half over?

I hit the big 40 last week and I honestly feel like my life is just beginning. I spent time looking back over the years and decided that I wouldn't change a thing. Simply because I would be the person I am right now. Have I made mistakes? Are there things that I could have … Continue reading Is life half over?