Red Sex Link Chickens

What makes red sex link chickens special? They are easy to sex as chicks. Pullets (baby hens) are shades of red and the cockerels (baby roosters) are shades of lighter colors. Why is this is important? Most people want hens primarily. Hens are where we get eggs. Roosters sole purpose is if you want fertilized eggs or a delicious chicken dinner.

These are considered a hybrid chicken because they are a cross between a Rhode Island Red Rooster and typically a Delaware hen. Why would someone not want a beautiful pure bred chicken? Well this particular hybrid producers prolific layers that mature early and begin laying at about 16 to 20 weeks. Normally hens start laying at 26 to 30 weeks. They also are  hardy enough to lay through all kinds of weather.

It also makes them a great dual purpose bird, meaning you can get meat and eggs from them. They produce a nice 6 to 7 lb bird  that is nicely muscled. Because they mature young hens typically only lay for two years. So their next step would be into the freezer. As would any young roosters that come along.

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