Getting Ready for Chickens!

Photo courtesy of OSU livestock breeds.

I picked up the first set of hatching eggs. Birdman will be by to pick them up and put them in the incubator this week. It’s awful when your job gets in the way of your work. You do what you gotta do. There will be other breeds running around soon too. I love variety of colors and looks of our feathered livestock. I also can’t wait to have our own fresh eggs and fresh chicken for the freezer.

About the Breed

Brahmas are a large dual purpose breed of chickens. The most popular colors are light and dark. We will be hatching out light brahmas. They are a gentle breed that produces large brown eggs. They are hardy and produce well through out the seasons. Brahmas are also considered a heritage breed. Their origins have been a matter of discourse among poultry breeders for quite some time. The most common thought is that they originated from China and were then bred to other chicken breeds once they arrived in America.

Photo courtesy of OSU livestock breeds.

The roosters average about 12 lbs and the hens 9. The hens have a tendency to go broody mid summer and are devoted mothers. One of the things that I look for in a chicken breed are hens that are willing to hatch out their own eggs in the future for replacement stock. They are overlooked by commercial breeders because of their slow growth rate. The hens often don’t start laying until they are between 5 and 6 months old. For table fare it may be as long as a year before they are large enough for roasting.

I am looking forward to having these birds as a part of our flock.

Light, Love, and Peace


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