Solving Problems

How I wish my field could look like this but what I am planning is going to be just as good.

While I would love to wiggle my nose and snap my fingers and make all the buildings I need appear, things just don’t happen that way. Patience has never been one of my virtues, so I am always looking for ways to make things happen. I have taken a leap of faith and gotten started on my Etsy store.  I have also had the good fortune to meet my new neighbors across the street. They have offered to let me use some of their land and buildings to get started on chickens and goats. They are only here for a couple of years but that will be long enough for us to get our own things built properly and establish a customer base and fill the freezer. The barter system is alive and well and it is awesome. Fresh eggs, veggies, goat milk, and a few other things. Another neighbor will be putting some steers out to pasture there as well and handling mowing and such.

Chicken Problem and Solution

One of our former silkies.

One of my cousins, we will call him the bird man, is getting himself into the poultry and fowl business. Currently he is hatching out some chicks for us and building his own flocks. So we are partnering and will have birds available for sale, freezer, eggs, etc. The problem I was facing was not having a coop yet or dedicated space for any birds. Our neighbors have provided a solution by allowing us to use the coop that is part of the 3 stall barn they have on their property. It is big enough for quite a few chickens to lay and scratch and peck and get fat enough for the freezer.

Goat Solutions

Photo courtesy of OSU Breeds of Livestock.

Similar to the issue of chickens was not being ready and needing time to get things built and established on our own property. Now that is not an issue. For a minimal investment to repair some fencing and make it goat proof or as goat proof as things can get we will be able to start getting stock. I am interested in finding kinder goats, a good small breed that is dual purpose. Milk and meat would be their dual purpose. So I will need to acquire or build a milking stanchion. Of course living in a non raw milk state means that I can sell milk labeled not for human consumption or sell goat shares. But to supplement our dairy requirements a few good producers will suffice. They will also be useful in getting rid of underbrush and undesirable plants like poison ivy.

Craft Store

My crafts are made with love and sustainable products.

This is something I am really, really excited about. I haven’t made my soaps and such in a long while but getting back into it is going to be such awesome fun. I have set up my Etsy store. I will be offering a small selection of soaps and laundry soap in the beginning. Eventually I will have a nice selection of skin care, bath, crochet, quilts, and other crafts available. My goal is to use my own herbs and such whenever possible, locally sourced, or at least sustainable suppliers. I will be using rebatch soap base. Rebatch is soap base that was made using the cold process instead of glycerin based melt and pour. I am leery of going through the whole cold process with curious pets and small children running through the house and no dedicated work space to make it. The small children do not belong to me, they belong to my cousin.

I look forward to hearing from you all and sharing this next step in our journey. I can’t believe it is finally happening!

Light, Love, and Peace


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