Enchanted Farmstead Coming Part 2

Middle Ground

By the time we are to our halfway point in our five year plan our grocery bill should be cut in half. We should have enough produce that that should be off our list. The house repairs/remodels should be complete. And livestock should begin to be established.

Livestock will include cows, chickens, rabbits, ducks, goats, amd possibly sheep. Numbers and variety will depend on how much land can be cleared while maintaining sustainable and environmentally friendly standards. I want it to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, and demonstrate good stewardship.

Just Over Halfway

As we close out the third year of the five year plan Enchanted Farmsteadshould bring in a small amount of income and begin to support itself. One goal is to establish it as its own business entity. There is no plan to make the farm into another income stream at this point. It would definitely be icing on the cake. It needs to support its own activities.

Year four breeding programs for livestock should be established. Seed saving should be established. Outbuildings should be complete.

Visitors should feel like they are entering a peaceful sanctuary. Gardens and orchard to line the beginning of the drive. They should be greeted by soft farm sounds, the sounds of the creek, and feel as if they have escaped the rat race. Afterall I am building a life I don’t have to escape from.

Bringing the Plan to a Close

The final year should find that I have established Enchanted Farmstead on the map. The operation should be running smooth. A small farmstand going to support farm activities. Plenty of food in our pantry and freezer. Virtually no grocery bill.

It will be my little peace of heaven. My escape from the rest if the world. It will be the place that my children know that it is a safe place to come home to. It is where my family will always know where to find me.

Light, Love, and Peace

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