Spring Forward!

They have begun to arrive! Our seed catalogs for this year. I know it is 74 days until the spring equinox. It is 30 days until seeds must be started so they are ready to go in the ground.

We are prepping the big garden are by getting a delivery of horse manure, adding compost, and other necessary soil admendments. We have laid out where we are putting our orchard in. There will be a small house garden and a rather large hern garden. We will also be building a chicken tractor for our peeps when they get here.

There are house repairs to be done, house needs a roof, kitchen floor needs fixing and the house is in desperate need of painting. Bathroom remodel is slated for 2020 as are deck modifications and building of a real front porch.

Encahnted Farmstead is becoming a reality instead of a dream. We are going to raise/grow as many heritage/heirloom species as possible. The goal is in the next five years the farmstead can sustain itself and provide us with 90% of what we eat.

It should be interesting to see my dream finally truly become a reality.

Light, Love, and Peace

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