Enchanted Farmstead coming soon!


Starting Life Over

What a way to round out the year. We lost a big part of our lives on Dec. 15th, daddy passed peacefully. Life had become a battleground for him and finally he was ready to find peace. He was our mighty oak, strong and able to bend with the winds. We are saddened by our loss, though Valhalla gained a warrior. As we  have always promised him life is going to continue. We will be planting a blackheart cherry tree in his memory. We considered an oak tree but he always felt things should be useful and blackheart cherries were his favorite. To that end plans are being made to turn 4.5 acres into a self sufficient farmstead. That was the original plan for this place when my parents built it over 40 years ago. So yes, we have come full circle by living in the old home. Here is where we are staying. We have family all around us and we feel at home. So at this point we are home.

In the Beginning

The process is going to go slow, we have all the time in the world. Our end goal is to make the farm work for us. Will we sell products eventually. But these first few years will be a building process. We are laying out plans for some outbuildings, fencing, and garden designs. Making a list of livestock we want, what we can have, and where we are going to put them. We also have some home repairs to make. There is so much to do that we have to prioritize each and every goal that we have.

Garden Goals

  • Soil testing
  • Amending soil
  • Water sourcesAG001288_4-thumb
  • Structure/layout
  • Placement of gardens
  • What to grow?
  • How much to grow?
  • Are we going to put in an orchard?

Livestock Goals

  • Species
  • How many of each?
  • Purpose of each species
  • Building/fencing requirements
  • Where on the property to put them?

Building Goals


AA028201_4-thumbOnce we are underway with our projects we are hoping it will only take about 5 years to get into full production. We are going to make fixing the house and getting gardens going our first priority. Eventually there will be an addition to the house but our first projects are repairing the kitchen floor, remodeling the bathroom, and enclosing the rear deck.

At the same time we have plenty of ground to turn, soil to test, and planting to do. We have almost 1/4 acre plot plus land on either side of the driveway. I want to have a mini-orchard where the trees line the driveway. No reason that a farm shouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing as well as useful.

It will take about two years to complete all these tasks. As we complete one task it will be replaced by another. I do want to add chickens, ducks, and guinea hens spring 2019.

To Be Continued….

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