Summing it all up!

Well the last 13 months have been a true rollercoaster ride. It started late October 2017 and has continued until recently. What started this most recent roller coaster ride was Pop’s car accident. Let’s just say it was car vs deer. The new rule of thumb is that we do not swerve to miss deer and flip cars, we  hit them straight on and bring them home for dinner. He spent All fall/winter birthdays, holidays, etc in the hospital. It was touch and go for a while. Recovery has been a long hard road but I think we finally have Humpty Dumpty back together again. Not quite as good as he was before but definitely functional.

In that time, Claire has had a couple of jobs and decided to go back to school. She is currently working on becoming a cosmetologist. She is enjoying it and trying to decide what she wants to do with it all when she graduates. Meanwhile, Morgan has found himself in the form of Robotics. He is on a competitive team and blossoming. It was a rough start for him behavior wise and figuring out what he wants to do for the team. Besides learning build and program he is also doing some web development.

Me, myself and I have gone through some changes as well. I have changed jobs, tried travel nursing, and gained some valuable experience. Now I am back to working in the hospital on an inpatient rehab floor. It is definitely not nursing home but not quite full on med surge either. I am loving it. I get to see more positive outcomes these days, which I definitely needed more positivity in my life.

I have also worked on figuring out exactly what I want and who I want to be. I know, I am 45 I probably should have figured this out before now. Oh well, some of us take longer to get to this point than others. I am a pagan, nurse, mom, and daughter right now. I am putting things such as farmer on hold for a little while. I have learned not to jump in feet first and to plan things out. I am back to writing my goals down, figuring out the steps to get there, and just enjoying being in the moment. The path to being a single mom has been rough but becoming sustainable is just part of life’s journey.

For now I am content where I am in my childhood home for the moment. The goal is that in the next two years to be on my own place doing what I want to do. Going to work, finishing raising my kids, growing/raising my own food, becoming a herbalist, and building a life I don’t need a vacation from.

Well that is the very small nutshell version of the last year or so. Please hop on the crazy train and let’s ride this life out together. Life is not about the destination it is all about the journey.

Light, Love, and Peace

~Tammy~ SSM

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