When Life Throws you Curve Balls

curve ballAlmost a year to the day that I last blogged here. Almost fitting to announce that the look, feel of the blog will be changing. Why? Because I have changed, my outlook has change, and well generally speaking life has thrown some curve balls. Some of them knocked me out and a few well it is beginning to look like I knocked them out of the park. My web address is staying the same. Just good SEO stuff there, I have had the URL for forever. I hate having to restart all that other stuff.

What can you expect? Links to the new farm name, homeschooling stuff and just lots more to share with my work journey, my educational goals, and how our family has grown and changed. It’s like life has come full circle for me and my family. I reside in my childhood home, surrounded by extended family. My best friend and heart sister have joined forces once again, funny how this time it just happened and feels so natural. I guess after almost 20 years of friendship, sharing our lives, and just knowing each other we move in unison, most days.

So bare with me as things evolve and change.


Light, Love and Peace

~Tammy aka Single Sustainable Mom~

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