I Should Have Played the lottery.

Was able to pay necessary bills and have some jingle jangle left over. That was a big worry since I have been out of work.

Got on a waiting list for a bigger hotel room down the street, like half a block away. That will be more cost effective as it is set up like a studio apartment. We will be able to set up our gas grill there. It has a single large burner so we can cook a lot of different things.

I had a zero co-pay for my post op follow up. Doc said my foot is healing nicely, I can go back to work on Wednesday and he will take all 15 sutures out next Friday.
I found not 1 but 3 pennies in the parking lot, all heads up.
We have done some rearranging in our current room to make some more space. We will have room for a small armoire type of thing we saw at one of the local that we can use as a pantry. We also found a couple of small appliances that will let us cook real food.
I saved a ton of money on groceries at our local Aldi. I am loving shopping there. Granted not a lot of meat this week due to storage restrictions, but lots of nice fresh veggies and fruit. 
We have had a family meeting and have decided a few things and made some solid plans finally. We are going to enjoy hotel living because it is cost effective. We have a savings plan. We are going to do some cheap and free activities this summer. We have planned some creative activities to create various items that we can use to become more frugal and organized.

Deciding on truly tiny house living has helped us to define how we are going to handle day to day things. We have to find things for everyone to do outside. We have to practice a higher level of frugality, organization and most definitely everyone has to improve on their cleaning ability. 

I will continue to share our new adventures, projects and happenings. It should at least be interesting.

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