Frugal Friday — Coupon Secrets

cutting_couponsRecently I have been working on becoming a better couponer. There are a few things that I have learned through discussions with others and from my own experiences that I want to share with you all.

  • Definitely match up ads, load digital coupons and use manufacturers’ coupons. You never know some stores will allow you to stack them, it never hurts to try. You may not get free or get money back like on the TV show but you will definitely save.
  • Some stores take competitor coupons. We have 3 stores in the area two of which are pharmacies. I do believe in buying local but until someone manufactures toilet paper and such locally this is a handy dandy fact. These stores take coupons that I print that say redeemable at Walmart. I don’t shop Walmart, period, I haven’t in over a year.
  • The item isn’t necessarily as important as the brand. For example if I have Proctor and Gamble coupons for shampoo they will work for Proctor and Gamble deodorant. Not always it is a hit and miss type of thing and depends on the store and your cashier.
  • Become a regular and use the same cashier whenever possible. They become great friends and will share store savings secrets. It’s like having work friends.
  • Ad match! I do try to consolidate my running around to save on gas and hate going to a ton of stores. So I have found out who will match competitor’s ads. I won’t go to a store for one item, however it is better than a concurrent ad at the main store I want to go to and I have a coupon, most stores will match the ad price.
  • Watch for store savings such as “Buy 5 get $5 off” mix and match items. This is a great deal to use with coupons and a great way to bulk shop.

I have started to mass a collection of paper goods, laundry soap, dish soap and other items. I will go back to making my own soaps and such when time allows but right now, buying it all on sale and in bulk is really paying off.


Light, Love and Peace!!

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