Mom’s Corner: Playing Sports

baseballI am all for kids playing sports. I am all for going on the field or the court with a winning attitude. I don’t believe we need to level the playing field. I do believe that not everyone is going to win. However, what I am seeing at the high school level locally I find very disturbing.

The all mighty money machine has reached the high school sports level. You can now buy season passes to sporting events. The cost of getting into a game has gone up. Yes, I am aware of inflation but still this is high school. What worries me most is the attitude of the schools. We never had an athletic director. Coaches also taught classes, not just phys ed but science, English, whatever you please. Parents were encouraged to participate and be a part of the team.

Now you have high schools with their own sports medicine doctors. They talk about the dangers of head injuries yet don’t believe the concussions are real. They want the “players” back on the field in 2-3 days regardless of the type of injury instead of however long your chose doctor will tell you.

There is no love of the game, it is win at any cost. And heaven forbid you don’t agree with the coach you are not allowed to speak with them for 24 hours and what good does it do when the athletic director stands there and says the coach has final say over your child regarding playing, sports or anything else that comes up with your child.

Tryouts are held to find qualifying players. If your child has the skill to make the team then they should get to play. Not anymore only the best of the best will play. I am sorry but it is high school, not collegiate and most certainly not the pros. We do not need to treat these kids as anything other than kids. They should be learning sportsmanship, improving skills and enjoying playing their chosen sport.

We will probably continue to play for parks and rec and not support anything other than the school band. I may be in the minority in the way I think but I do not care. I have never been so appalled at a high school sports program as I am at our local one.

Light, Love and Peace!

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