Frugal Fridays: Buying in Bulk Part 3

Buy in bulk

The third part in this series we will discuss building a stock pile of meats. I do realize that some of my readers do not eat meat, for a variety of reasons, this isn’t a discuss about why or why not one should eat meat. It is a way to save money by buying in bulk for those who do eat meat. So if you are not interested in meat as a food source please skip this one. Thanks my delightful readers.

Now onward for those of you who have a houseful of carnivores. In case you missed the first two articles here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2. Remember this is not going to be a simple go out and buy beautifully flash frozen, questionable meat from some box store. You are going to need to learn to do a few things to preserve your food stuffs.

Your options for acquiring meat in bulk are these:

  • Making friends with your local butcher (not the guys at the chain stores). A quick search should turn up a few good old fashioned butchers in your area. Even if you have to go for a drive it isn’t something you will be doing on a regular basis.
  • Making friends with your local farmers and mom and pop processing plant.
  • Raising your own meat animals, hunting and fishing.
  • Getting to know local fishing enthusiasts, hunters, hunt clubs, etc.

These are all awesome sources, of course doing it yourself is time consuming, yet rewarding. There are a variety of options for storing all this wonderful bounty.

  • Freezing, traditional
  • Canning
  • Dehydrating
  • Smoking
  • Curing

I will eventually cover all the various preserving methods for all types of food. The main point of this article is that you can find various local sources of healthy meat to feed your family and buy in bulk. Keep in mind that this may feel costly at the time but the point is to only do this at the appropriate times during the year so they are once a year events.


Light, Love and Peace!

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