Frugal Friday — Buying in Bulk Part 2

Buy in bulk

Welcome to part 2 young Padawan Learner! Glad to see you came back. If you are just happening upon us you can read my previous article here! This week we are going to discuss how to buy produce in bulk. This is more of a spring through fall activity.

You will find the ones most willing to negotiate a fair deal at your local farmer’s market. Sometimes you can even get away with getting bulk produce for the cost of preserving supplies and some sweat work on your part. Oh yeah, I probably should have mentioned that in order to save a bit of cash you might have to get a little physical some times. Not just running around to ad match for sales and such but actually doing a bit the work. Remember we are avoiding the big box stores.

While I am a big fan of coupons, there are not many coupons out there for produce. There are a few ways to get your produce in bulk.

  • Grow your own
    • There are many options for doing this no matter what kind of space you have
      • Traditional garden beds and raised beds
      • Container gardens
      • Vertical small space gardening
      • Hydroponics
    • You will have to learn to preserve your own food through freezing, canning, dehydrating, etc.
  • Go to your local farmer’s market
    • Get to know your local farmers.
    • Negotiate for large quantities of produce
    • You will still need preserve your own food through various methods.
  • Gleaning local farms
    • While you are getting to know your local farmer speak to them about going in during the last harvest of each season and cleaning their fields.
      • These items are not pretty to look at but farmers typically are going to just till them under. You are doing them a favor.
    • Again you will still need to preserve your own food through various methods.

Produce takes a bit of work to buy in bulk but you can do it for next to nothing and provide your family with healthy, naturally grown produce.

As the season goes along I will point you in the direction of various preservation methods.

Light, Love and Peace!

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