Spring is Almost Here

spring 2014Beautiful warm weather! Awesome breeze blowing through open windows! It is starting to act a lot like Spring!

We have a place to garden this year! So have been looking at gardening stuff. School and work are doing well! Loving my new job at the hospital.

Still trying to figure out when I will have time to get back to blogging. We have had 4H and youth group and other school activities. Now we have drum lessons, piano lessons, 4H, Color guard and baseball, plus all of the above.

I don’t have time to stop and perhaps that has been a good thing. A part of me still wants to have a nervous breakdown and if I were to have idle time I am almost positive I would!

The kids summer is lining up with them being away. Claire is going to Upward Bound, which means spending 6 weeks living at Virginia Tech this summer. Which will be her whole summer except for band camp and a trip to the beach.

Morgan is even going to spend 2 weeks away from home this summer. He is going to go to Jr 4H camp for a week and then Camp Bethel for a week. It will be so weird to be totally kid free. I will miss the rotten things that my heathens are but I am excited for them to spread their wings and take flight.

It will be a busy time in our lives. Hopefully I will be able to share it all with you. I really do have some cool ideas and things to share, it’s all in finding the time.

Light, Love and Peace!

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