Mommy Mondays — Getting Fit

fitness-momLast week we talked about taking care of you as in self care. Doing those little things that make you feel good. Well I want to expand on the whole idea of getting exercise. I want to invite those who are interested in getting fit to do so with me. Some of my medication makes it hard to keep weight off so I cannot be complacent any longer and just presume that I walk enough at work. I do work quite a bit but after downloading and installing a pedometer app I am only lightly active, when I really need to be very active.

Getting fit is hard to do by yourself and as moms we face challenges that dads do not. Normally we are more self conscience especially when we exercise in front of other people. You know those evil little thoughts about our butts, boobs, guts and everything else. We think everyone is busy watching us when everyone is busy with the same thoughts. So I am inviting you guys to exercise in what ever way you feel comfortable, a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

Let us know that you have and we will celebrate it, hell we will celebrate even if you start off with 5 minutes dedicated to moving that beautiful body of yours. Yes, you over there in the corner going, “uh-huh” you have a beautiful body too. We all do, we are all built differently and need to learn to appreciate what we have and not worry about how we compare with others. It will set us free and make us happier and set such an awesome example for our children.

So from here on out let’s make a commitment to get up and move! Park out a little further in that parking lot so you have to walk in, guess what that counts. Carry that laundry basket up the stairs, that counts. Chase that kid around the block at least once, it counts. Walk in place, jump up and down, join a gym, whatever it takes, wherever you want, get up and let’s shake it!

We will sleep better, feel better and have more energy for all those little projects that we want to do on top of everything else.

Light, Love and Peace!

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