Frugal Friday — Buying in Bulk Part 1

Buy in bulk

One of the ways I have found to save money is to buy in bulk. Best thing is it doesn’t requiring shopping at Sam’s Club or some place similar. There are a few steps to take to get everything in bulk and for less than a “club” store but all of them are worth it.  It does require having and/or creating storage space. For the purpose of this article we are going to pretend that you have plenty of storage. I know a pipe dream right? We will get there.

What things should you buy in bulk? Create a list of common items that you are bound to run out of during a winter storm and you can’t just run out get. Make sure you include food in these lists. Now you need to know how much you use in a month of each of those items. So what you need to do is get a “handy, dandy notebook”, yes we are still big Blue’s Clues fans around here. For one month keep track of two things for each item, 1) how much you use and 2) how much you spend on that item. You can even create and print a table and put it in a loose leaf binder that looks like this:

Item Amount of Goods Used Cost of Goods

Now once you have tabulated all of this you need to sort into edible and non edible, you will be purchasing these items at different places. For the non edible items start gathering up your coupons and watching your sale papers, pay particular attention to your drug stores, they often run specials and many have a rewards card now that will lead to additional savings. Often times your “dollar” stores will take coupons as well, even the “Dollar Tree” type stores.

Why start with the non edibles? They are often the easiest ones to find sales on that will allow you to make mass purchases. Now since you are just starting out pick 2 or 3 items you want to buy in bulk each month. Remember we are trying to do this to save money so starting out with just a few items will be less of a drain on your bank account. As time goes on you will find you are spending less on mouth wash and toothpaste because all you might have to do is buy one here there to replace what has already been used.

It can and will more than likely take close to a year to get used to buying in bulk and storing your foods. I will promise you though you will save money in the long run. It is all a journey, a process if you will. We will get into more detail on how to budget for bulk purchases and the best time of year to make various purchases in the future.

Light, Love and Peace

*Disclaimer* I do normally promote avoiding processed foods, etc. But I also realize that many of my readers just aren’t quite there yet. So if you do make your own whatevers (soup mix, cleaning supplies, etc) substitute the components that you need where appropriate. Everyone is at a different place in their sustainable journey, let’s offer support and realize that there is no perfect way to get there. We can offer support and advice.

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