Frugal Friday — 5 Tips for Coupons

cutting_couponsThese awesome little pieces of paper or digital selections can save you money. Unfortunately in my area no stores will give you cash back and some are limiting coupons. By the by they are still useful. I am going to list some quick tips to make coupons useful even if you are not eating or using processed foods.

  • 1. Read your coupon carefully. It is now common practice to require you to buy multiple items.
  • 2. Coordinate your coupons with your circulars. Watch for BOGOs, especially when required to purchase multiple items
  • 3. Don’t forget about pharmacy sales. They may not double your coupons but some of their sales will save you tons more than your grocery stores.
  • 4. Even mom and pop stores will double coupons and price match.
  • 5. Make sure you know your store’s policies on coupon usage. Some stores will allow you to stack and some will not.

Remember to make your list before you go shopping. Make sure you have eaten before going in and only buy those items you are going to use. Just because you have a coupon and or the item is I sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

Light, Love and Peace!

15 thoughts on “Frugal Friday — 5 Tips for Coupons

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