Rants and Raves

There have been several things weighing on my mind lately. The government shut down being one but even more has been the latest Food Lion commercial.

Food Lion Commercial

This commercial starts off wonderfully. A family planting a garden. The son asks when will the veggies be ready. The lion appears and says don’t wait head on over to the store.

I know that the chain stores want our business but to me it is a blatant knock at anyone who wants to grow their own food. More or less don’t bother we have all the GMO you could want. And don’t forget we do have organic foods at outrageous prices.

Maybe it bothers me more because my way of thinking has evolved to more buy local, fresh foods. Maybe it bothers me because I try to encourage people to grow their own and or buy more locally.

Then again Food Lion could very well be having heavy advertising such as this because they are losing business to local producers. What is your opinion?

SNAP Benefits

One of the programs that should not have been cut is the food stamp program. While there are those who play the system, the vast majority do not and rely on those benefits. Many of the recipients are children, the elderly, the disabled and veterans. The people who need help and are deserving of it.

What should be cut? Big business subsidies including but not limited to oil, pharmaceutical and agriculture. Fancy trips to far off places for special meetings. Expense accounts for food, travel and entertainment. If the congress men and women are Receiving their salaries plus gifts from supporters then they should be able to pay their own expenses.

Government Shutdown

A bunch of toddlers throwing a tantrum. It is just stupid to hold the country hostage. Supposedly we do not negotiate with terrorist. Being a home grown terrorist is also treason. They should all be fired and we can start from scratch.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Rants and Raves

  1. It’s CRAZY!! All of it. You know the lady we remodeled her house. She has been cut off from all of it. A terminal patient that is on oxygen 24/7 and is most likely down to her last months /weeks has been determined to not be worthy to receive Medicaid, SSI, or food stamps. They have left her with nothing!! She has been left to die without the benefit of anything. It makes me sick! It is taking her will to live not to mention her the care she needs to pass peacefully. SO WRONG!!!!!!


    • I know those who are most in need are the ones who it seems to always be denied. I would love to not work and go to school full time but we would never survive. So I work full time and go to school full time. I am not elligible for any assistance. But I know of other single moms who get a free ride to school, their housing, medical, food, Etc. Are taken care of … By my tax dollars.


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