Is There Really an Omnivore Dilemma?

Hey, hey! I am watching you.

Hey, hey! I am watching you.

I can understand not wanting to eat something because you watched it come into this world (humans do not eat their children is evidence to support this theory). I can understand that if you give it a name that it is hard to see it on the table next to the mashed potatoes. I really can see how that could be hard for some people. I even understand the thought that livestock pollute the land and water, in reference to commercial feedlot production or chicken houses, etc. We do need to get rid of factory farms they will be the death of us for so many reasons. Sound, ecological farms that are self sustaining to do not add to an already overworked Mother Earth.

What I don’t understand are the statements that humans are not meant to eat meat, at all period.

One argument I have heard is that humans are not omnivores because of their dentition and photo of a big cat’s mouth was shown as the example. I can see that to a point. However, you want to know why our incisors aren’t elongated like a lion’s? My theory is because we have evolved to have opposable thumbs. We can grasp a weapon to get our food. Predatory animals don’t have that option so through evolution their ripping and tearing teeth have further developed than ours. If you are going to say that it is because of dentition then let’s think about that. If humans were meant to be herbivores (vegetarian requires higher form of thought) then why do we have teeth for biting and tearing along with teeth for grinding? We have both style of teeth required by herbivores and carnivores, thereby making us omnivores.

Next argument, we don’t need the nutrients from meat to survive. I beg to differ. While there is some crossover between plant and animal for certain nutrients, humans still need nutrients found in meat. Here is a small list of things we need:

  • Iron — Iron found in meats (red in particular) is heme iron and is more readily absorbed by the human body than the iron found in a food such as lentils. I love me some lentils and have done wonderful things with them as a cheap source of protein, fiber and iron. Low iron levels lead to fatigue, headaches and dizziness
  • Protein — actually it is the amino acids that meat proteins break down into that are necessary for cell health and repair. Vegetarians can find all their essential amino acids by eating a combination of foods. Typically that includes soybean in some form or another. Soybean is not a healthy plant for humans to eat. It has natural steroids that cause an increase in estrogen, not good for women reproductive because it is increases the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer (ever wonder why doctors stopped pushing HRT). Most soybean readily available is GMO, GMO is another kettle of fish altogether.  
  • Zinc — plays an important role in boosting the immune system and in a healthy integumentary system. Even Dr. Kim, who encourages a diet high in plant material has posted that the best sources of this nutrient are from red meat.
  • B vitamins — Meats contain all B vitamins. There are plants that contain certain B vitamins, which you still need to eat for other nutritional values but meat is a sure way to make sure you are getting your daily requirement.
  • Vitamin A — plenty of veggies do have this but it is a fat soluble vitamin, basically if you don’t eat enough meat/fat your body won’t properly absorb this vitamin.
  • Omega – 3 fatty acids — Found primarily in fish, so yeah take that supplement my friends but it will have originated as meat, more than like from a fish. Omega – 3s are vital to good heart health, cognitive function (remember being told fish is brain food) and emotional centers. Why? the myelin sheath that surrounds all neurons is made of fat. Sorry we are all fat heads. That is the protective coating of our nervous system.

I really didn’t mean to turn this into an “eat more meat” article. My point, as I have always stressed is everything in moderation. We are meant to eat and process all kinds of foods. We are omnivores, herbivores. If you don’t like to eat meat for whatever reason more power to you, just make sure you are covering your nutritional needs. Beware of supplements, they aren’t processed by our bodies effectively, you end up urinating most what is contained out, not to mention the added stress to your liver by adding more man made things to your body.


Light, Love and Peace!


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