Gearing Up For Back to School

school bussIt is that time of year here, for all of us! Some of the things we have been working on, besides the endless list of school supplies, are school

lunch planning, organizing and scheduling. We have also been looking at various extracurricular activities. The kids have such varied

interests that we have been looking at things that they will enjoy and learn valuable life skills.

For school lunches we are going green of course! Re-usable containers are a must this year. Not only will this cut down on our carbon footprint, it will actually give the kids more variety for those days they choose not to buy their lunches. A friend of mine at work sells Avon and this season they have these cool containers in the shape of apples and carrots. They work well for things that require dipping sauce of some kind. My other favorite purchase are reusable sandwich wrappers. Sitting down with the kids to discuss healthy choices for lunch will allow me to budget for lunches. This budget will vary depending on how many meals they eat at school, however, having an idea of what they will take and what they want for after school snacks will make planning easier.

Budgeting for school supplies has been interesting. I have been setting aside a few dollars every pay period on a pre-paid card so that

we can get clothes, paper, pencils, etc. Clothing is usually one of the biggest obstacles. For my son we were lucky enough that a friend and neighbor has a boy that is a little older and little bigger. The clothing we received from were all like new. Some of which has been used this summer but after going through everything he has enough clothing to get through to the middle of fall, when we will have to look at getting warmer clothes of the cooler weather. I was proud of my son for bagging up what didn’t fit and/or he didn’t want and taking it to our local thrift store. My daugher has gone through her clothes and has even developed a taste for thrift store shopping. Keep in mind she is a teenager. After having some very good luck this summer at one store in particular she has decided that, that is where she will be acquiring her back to school wardrobe. We have already invested in lunch boxes and my son will be reusing his back pack from last year. My daughter I will take shopping at my school book store to find a good high quality bag that will serve her through high school.

As of Monday, August 12 my kids will have 3 weeks left of summer vacation. What does this mean? They are going to go back to school time bedtimes. It will take that long for them to get used to sleeping earlier and getting up earlier. We are going to slowly slip in activities during what would be homework time. The first week of school there usually isn’t too much homework but the habit will be there ready to go. We will also be doing a little home organization so everyone has the environment they need to study and complete assignments.

As for extracurricular activities, the kids have wanted to participate in 4-H for a long time. The more and more we have compared scouting and other club like activities, this is the wisest move. 4-H isn’t just about agriculture programs. It teaches life skills, critical thinking and leadership. This along with youth group activities will have just the right amount of activity for the kids. I don’t want to add too many things outside of school because the kids will become over tired.

For myself, it is really more about time management. I work night shift for several reasons. I do enjoy it for one, however, it also leaves me available to attend my classes, do homework with the kids and participate in various activities. The largest obstacle is making sure that I too receive enough sleep as well. For me, I have to make sure that I do not over schedule myself with too many commitments. It may mean helping with various clubs but not taking a full adult leader position. As much as I have tried to participate fully in the kids’ activities it really isn’t a bad thing to allow other adults to take part in their lives.

It should be an interesting ride but as always it is just another grand adventure in life. I am thankful that I am taking refresher courses first instead of having to jump right into the nursing program. It will

allow all of us to get used to a regular schedule.

As much as possible we will be reusing, repurposing and making this year as green as possible!


Light, Love and Peace!

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