Dreaming of the Future

Apparently our future has been something weighing on my subconscious mind. I have had a couple of dreams lately depicting the whole layout of the farm. Granted the perfect place I have had daydreams of for years years. Now it is showing up in my regular dreams, so I guess it is time to really layout the perfect place. It would be really cool if could have the ideal place.

The perfect house, my dream house is a Victorian Gingerbread, complete with wrap around porches, plenty of bedrooms, huge kitchen, parlors, storage. I would also love to have a summer kitchen off the back of the house. We would have solar and wind power for electricity. A kitchen garden at the back of the house for just household needs. A beautiful herb garden that provides culinary and medicinal.

It would be set on 100 rolling acres of perfect farmland. There were be land for hay, areas for rotational grazing for various animals. I love Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm and his methods. I think they can be easily adapted to fit our needs. I think we need a variety of fields of various products for animals and humans.

Speaking of animals I definitely want to have Dexter cattle, poultry, horses, goats, sheep, pigs and fowl. Dexter cattle are a small dual breed cow. This is a heritage breed cattle that originated on small keeps in Ireland. For most of our livestock we will be raising some kind of heritage breed of animal. One of the things that I look at when deciding on breeds is how well they will do in the climate where I live. I am also enthralled with the idea of dual purpose animals. Even with 100 acres to work with it makes more sense to have animals that serve multiple purposes. It is easier on mother nature that way.

I want have outbuildings that can be used for food preservation (smoking, curing), artisan shops, repair of our own vehicles and even a place set up to produce biodiesel. I even think that there should be places for teaching and entertaining. I think we could provide just about everything we need for ourselves, yep even fiber. We could truly make a living from our little farmstead.

Could we do it on less acreage? Yes, most definitely, I just think a 100 acre farm could support us, possibly create a few local jobs and other ways to support our community.

If you are still dreaming have you given any thought to what your place might look like?

Light, Love and Peace!

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