How is Your Fall Shaping Up?

MB900448289Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions that haven’t made it past the first week? Have you been “meaning” to do something all summer and not gotten to it yet? Are your kids going back to school or are you getting organized for another year of homeschooling? What is on tap for fall?

Don’t look at me like that, tomorrow is the 1st of August. Fall is just around the corner, not some far off time anymore. Honestly for most of us we couldn’t tell by the weather but trust me before you know it Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here!

We are busy getting organized and ready for school. I am off to New River Community College, Claire is off to High School and Morgan to Elementary. We have Cub Scouts, High School, Youth Group Activities and I am not sure what else going on. I am currently reviewing my old Life Organizer I had created and will probably re-publish it some where. I love all the cool technology apps but honestly I need something I can haul around and write in. So a binder, with dividers for all the important crap (calendar, phone numbers, various lists, etc) works well for me.

What do you use to keep organized?

Light, Love and Peace!

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