You Locked the Door!

Yep, totally ticked my kids off. I locked the screen doors and sent them outside to play on Sunday afternoon. They had been sitting around, bored and it was a beautiful sunny day outside. I heard excuses from I can’t do that without my MP3 player to I don’t want to use my imagination anymore. Guess what? So, sorry Charlie get out there and do something.

playing outside

I gave them some ideas and things to do, of course, I haven’t the first clue according to them. I told them I was tired of hearing, “Is it my turn on the computer?”, “I want to watch cartoons.” and so many other things. Granted we don’t have woods, animals and such anymore but that doesn’t mean they will sit in the house and do nothing. My daughter loves to read and will lose herself in a book in a heartbeat. Awesome, totally and completely awesome however, there comes a point in time when you need fresh air and movement.

What happened? They came back and found the screen doors locked and pitched a fit. Then they took off to the playground, albeit a simple one with monkey bars and swings, oh and don’t forget sand, lots and lots of sand. We have open grassy areas great for running around with hills to roll down and tons of bugs to find, clouds to watch and so many other things. None of these foreign to my kids, I just don’t understand why all of a sudden why they don’t want to go outside. Anyway, after a few fits and starts they began to have fun, riding bikes (learning in Morgan’s case) and running around.

I have made it pretty clear that unless there is homework or housework to get done they are going to be outside. I don’t want them turning into vegetables again, not just couch potatoes but kids that sit in a vegetative state staring at a screen. Will they get to watch TV, use the computer and play video games? Yep, just not all the time. Sitting inside on your duff is one of the worst things in the world. Both have wonderful imaginations but need to use them more often.

Light, Love and Peace!

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