Weather Not Good Enough to Play Outside?

wild weather book“I’m bored” is the call of many a child stuck inside on bad weather days. I think most of us want our kids to stay active and play outside more. I know we struggle with “screen” time here especially when the weather sucks. For the heck of it I checked out The Wild Weather Book to get some ideas on activities my kids could do on foul weather days.

So far I am enjoying the book and have thought to myself that there isn’t too much in there that I didn’t do as a child. I think in the scheme of things we have gotten so far removed from our own childhood and the fun things we did that we have failed to pass these activities on to our children. Awesome inspiration though to help toss the kids out on their butts so they can run and play no matter the weather.

Some of the cool things that I have found in the book so far are:

  • Make a tarpaulin shelter
  • Make an emergency natural shelter (we would have to go on a hike to do this, not much natural material around an apartment complex)
  • Rain music and drums
  • Mud Painting
  • Wind Music
  • Making wind socks
  • Making a sail boat from sticks and leaves
  • Making an igloo
  • Snowy nights and lights
  • Snow pictures and patterns
  • Icy scavenger hunt
  • Toffee ice sculptures
  • Balloon Ice Baubles

If you are looking for great activities for kids of all ages to do outside regardless of the weather this is a great book. Get the kids started with a few of the projects in there and then let them use their imagination to run wild. Remember nature offers free activities.

Light, Love and Peace!

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