School is Almost Here!

I have always loved school. I have always gotten excited about going but there is something about starting this year that has me even more excited. I think it is the freedom I feel to really create a career that I can enjoy and will fall in line with my personal beliefs and dreams. So a month from today I begin a new leg in my journey.

health and wellnessMy educational goals fall right in line with my goals for creating a new life. Yes, I do need a job that pays the bills and will put two kids through college. But I need a career that supports my future goals as well. The earning potential as a nurse is unbelievable but I am not stopping there. I will work as a registered nurse while I continue my education to become a nurse practitioner. I am going to include classes for holistic medicine as well.

Why the combination? Well, many things I believe we can heal and/or prevent through holistic (natural) practices; there are some things that will require the use of “modern” medicine as well. Being a practitioner of both I feel will allow me to better serve my community. My ultimate goal as a health care provider is to have a small clinic that is open to everyone regardless of their available insurance.

It sounds a little far fetched and possibly even crazy but eventually there will be a breakdown of everything that we take for granted. Not only will it be necessary to be able to provide food and such but people will still need health care. So looking down the road I want to be able to provide that service for my friends, family and neighbors in the future.

What skills do you think you will need in the future? What do you think you will need to do to hone or obtain those skills?

Light, Love and Peace!

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