Is life half over?

Rocking chair2

I hit the big 40 last week and I honestly feel like my life is just beginning. I spent time looking back over the years and decided that I wouldn’t change a thing. Simply because I would be the person I am right now. Have I made mistakes? Are there things that I could have done better, if not better but differently? Yes to all of it. I strongly believe that changing those things would not do me any favors. I would not have learned some of life’s hard lessons. I would not have my children and I most certainly would not be who I am.

I am learning that life is just one grand adventure after another. Most currently I am on an educational adventure, right along with becoming sustainable. I thought at first I was settling for the easiest way to go. That I was giving up what I thought I wanted. Then it dawned on me. Nursing is most definitely where I need to be. As a matter of fact, I am not stopping at my RN, I will go on to become a Nurse Practioner.

Now the peanut gallery is scratching their head and wondering what I am up to this time. Well, I see a need in the future for skilled medical personnel, I will discuss future thoughts in another post. Anyway, I also intend to study at one of the hollistic healing schools as well. I am not against modern medicine but I think it all has to be on a  case by case basis. Individualizes medical plans instead of a chart of standards that do not work for everyone. I am slow to come around to ideas some times but once the seed is planted, sprouts and takes root I will take off with it.

So is my life half over? NOPE! Definitely NOPE! It is just beginning and this journey is going to rock. I have finally figured out how to take what I feel is a healthy way to live and combine it with my chosen career to make it all match. It is going to mean educating myself in so many ways, good thing I love learning, but it will benefit my family and my local community in the long run.

Is there something you would change in your past? Do you view your as getting closer to the end or do you find new adventures to have?

Light, Love and Peace!

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