You Are Such a Patient Crew

Cute kitten photos are popular these days so I figured I would pop one in.

Cute kitten photos are popular these days so I figured I would pop one in.

I love my readers! I do read all the emails, comments, Facebook In Box and such. I love hearing from all of you even when I get busy and don’t have time to write. To bring you all up to date, since some of readers are not on my fan page and miss out on some information, here is a nutshell of the last month. The kids finished the school year out with a bang. Claire won the President’s Education Award and a math award for her school. Morgan made tremendous strides not only in reading but in every aspect of schooling. Track season ended just before school did and Claire is considering exploring other sports and clubs as she enters high school this fall. No I didn’t stutter my little girl is going to be a high school freshman this fall and we have already started looking at colleges. Baseball season is over as well and Morgan is as passionate about it now as he was when he began. He is out to lunch on cub scouts but we will see where that goes.

Between piano lessons and volunteering at the library Claire has begun her summer research paper due before school begins for Honors World History. She spends quite a bit time with friends and going places with the youth group from our church. Morgan has been spending most of his days outside with his friends.

Everyone is definitely healthy and we are enjoying our local food system and the bounty it offers between farmer’s markets and a locally own grocery store that offers local foods as well. We have cut sugar, corn and salt out almost completely. Still a lot of things to cut back on but processed foods and those three biggies have made us all feel better. Do we still grab processed crap? Yep, we aren’t perfect and life is crazy hectic some times.

I am happy to say that at this point other than menopause starting early and a little high blood pressure things are pretty cool with me as well. Ok well, not always cool when hot flashes hit but you get the picture.

As for this monstrous blog, I have worked out a timeline and some things I want to do with it. I had considered going for a paid site just because there are a few more things that I can do as far as plugins go but right now it doesn’t make sense to spend the money. I am transitioning into another job, still as a CNA but I also have the cost of school coming up as well as all the activities the kids are into. I am looking forward to writing more and cleaning up the mess in the background. You wouldn’t believe the crap I have hidden in here.

Anyway, lots to do today. Morgan’s counselor is visiting us in  just a bit, Claire has to be at the library to work in a few hours, permission slips to print out so that Claire and one of her BFFs can go tubing on the New River this afternoon and something about Morgan going bowling with friends tomorrow.

Since I am in clean up mode suggestions and thoughts on what you the readers want to see are welcome!


Light, Love and Peace to you all!

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