Apartment living vs House living

apt vs house

There are pros and cons to either living situation. However, if you are trying to determine which can be more sustainable, that is entirely up to the denizens. I am finding that either one can be as eco-friendly as you make it. This also depends on your definition of sustainability. If you feel that you must live off grid and totally produce everything yourself an apartment isn’t going to work out too well. However, if you feel that a large part of living a sustainable lifestyle means living simply an apartment will work quite nicely.

Honestly, having lived in houses and now living in an apartment I feel like we are making better progress on becoming more sustainable. We have a smaller area to heat and cool. We were lucky that our complex has installed water conserving things in the bathroom (low flow toilet and shower head). We can have a small container garden. The biggest step for us is truly simplifying and decluttering our lives and belongings. Because we cannot produce enough of our own things it has also forced us to really turn to our local farmers and friends with gardens. We have had to become creative and really think about the purchases we make.

Living in a house was really more expensive, especially since we seemed find ones that needed work. That are not always set up for energy efficiency, water conservation or simple living. Granted the kids and I have had to change our approach and mindset regarding how much space we really need. Now I am not saying that it cannot be done, becoming sustainable while living in a house, but it takes cash flow, time and skills that not everyone has. In our situation it was more a lack of time and cash flow that hindered us. Finding a less expensive place to live (I do not recommend having to do so under the same circumstances we did), really getting down to need vs want and learning to take advantage of local producers, artisans, etc really does give apartment dwellers the option to live sustainably.


Light, Love and Peace!

5 thoughts on “Apartment living vs House living

  1. Another consideration is a home’s actual footprint … in apartments (the multiple story kind), more people live on the same piece of property. Since more natural land is a good thing, using a piece of property for more people is Eco-friendly. Thanks for an interesting post! 🙂


  2. Our complex is a mix of 2 story and single story (cottages). We can have veggies behind our cottage and flowers out front. We are also tucked nicely into a little corner so insulation is awesome to hold in warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer. 🙂


  3. It is difficult for a single working female to maintain a home and property, garden, make repairs or earn enough extra money to hire someone to make repairs, feed the animals/chickens, fight off the snakes, opossums and other critters, keep up with the kids or grand kids’ soccer practices and games, commute to and from work, patch the roof, etc. There is no time left for friends or self. Certainly no leisure time. I am speaking from experience. I have owned a home on about 10 acres for almost thirty years. I was married for 15 of those years, but my ex husband was often gone to work. I worked full time as well for all of those thirty years. I am in my late 50s, and it is getting harder to do all that has to be done by myself. I am retired now, but I don’t, and never really did, make enough money to hire folks to help me out with repairs, the yard and field work, keep the pump running, the garden, etc. i liked to tell myself and others that i could do it all, like the commercials in the 1970s said. Remember, I’m from another generation….maybe the women today have better opportunities and make more money/or have lots more time after work to keep up a farm. But a wise man told me years ago that all the women he knew who tried to make a go of it on their own, with a house, kids, and property to keep up, eventually lost the house…due, usually, to lack of resources and support….or termites and lack of needed repairs, or a major illness, or the kids needs come first, or more likely, a combination of bad things happening all at once—the well goes dry and your transmission dies all in the same week, etc. One way or another, you will lose your house and you’ll wonder why you spent so much time on IT. Lets say you beat the odds and make it to age 60 or so, when you get older, you may have to get a reverse mortgage to survive. Or, you will become more and more frail and your nearest and dearest will begin to discuss what they are going to do with you and any assets left that are still standing and worth selling. In the end, now that I’m older, all I want is a quiet, safe, warm place to read a good book and have a friend or two over for lunch. I thought all along my kids would want my land and that I had to hold on to it for them. Believe me, they have their own lives. They don’t want my stuff and they certainly don’t want to put in the mount of work it takes to get some grapes and a few apples off the land. I want an apartment life now, and some quality time at Kroger in their air conditioned produce section. : )


    • I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I have no doubt that it can be extremely difficult, hence all the start and stops I have had over the years. One of the reasons I am going to nursing school is to have the funding to have a farm. I am lucky that my kids enjoy it and most of the time don’t mind the work that goes with running a farm. Realistically my daughter will probably be through college and my son getting ready to start college by the time I have the land that I want but I do want them to have a place to come home to no matter what. I do hope it will also be the place my grandchildren come to visit and such.

      I do know for certain that I am lost without my garden and chickens. I don’t think I have any more time than anyone else but my plate is full at the moment. The time I put into going to school full time will definitely be put into working a homestead later on. I hope your dream of an apartment life comes true!

      Light, Love and Peace


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