Entering the Homestretch

ApartmentWell the paint is drying at the apartment and new carpet has been ordered and will be installed on Friday. Guess what that means?! We will finally be able to move in to the apartment. Hotel living sucks, it just plain sucks. Grand adventure for a week or so but it is costly on levels and honestly not very green or sustainable.

I try not to think about how big of a carbon foot print we have made in these last few weeks, but it does really nag at me. It’s been hard to eat as healthy as we like since we don’t have a kitchen to use. Though the electric skillet and crock pot have gotten more use than ever. We won’t discuss using the microwave. We all feel a bit sluggish for every reason from not getting a good night’s sleep to poor eating habits that have crept back into our lives.

Luckily our local Farmer’s Market goes to spring hours this weekend and even better my employer has invited a local farm co-op to set up in our new activity center. Remind me one of these days to explain the place that I work and why I love it so. We do have the option of even purchasing CSA shares but I think that will wait til next year, with moving and all that the cost is little out of my price range right now.

Within the next week we will be completely moved in and life will resume a more normal pace.


Light, Love and Peace!

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