Back Online with a New Look

Back online, new look and new URL. A new plan as well. Shifting away from farming as a way to demonstrate and make changes in our lives to just focusing on how our family can still become sustainable and contribute to the education of others.

Welcome to Single Sustainable Mom, where I will share how my kids and I have finally made some “real” progress in moving forward in our lives. Due to some unfortunate events and some very fortunate ones we are, I feel, finally on the right track. We have downsized, decluttered and worked on figuring out what our real needs are versus our wants.

Admittedly we haven’t made progress on our own we have had a lot of help from family and friends along the way. We have an awesome support system in place and it makes things a little easier. We have crossed some huge hurdles with a few more left to get over but it just seems so much easier now.

Granted we all miss having a bit of land to work but apartment living for a few years will be the best for us. We will still be able to play in the dirt which is very important to all of us. I will always hold it to be true that there is nothing as soothing or calming as having your hands down deep in the earth.

I want to thank all of my readers for their support, prayers and thoughts while we unplugged. It was a difficult thing for a family of internet addicts to do but we survived and are better for it. We will have internet, real internet, at the apartment but the kids will be limited in their time. Not only by rules that are set for them but because of the amount of activities they have going on. I will be limited by work hours of course and by school work that needs to get done come August.

Meanwhile our plan is to get moved into the new apartment in the next week or two. Get used to having a full kitchen and bedrooms and all that. We are going to start off on a the right foot and our first stock up shopping trip is going to be at our local farmer’s market. We are going to set up recycling bins and work on cutting out extra packaging on all things. I am also researching some local businesses to meet other needs so that we can support them rather than big business.

As for the blog, book, etc I do intend to get it all done. I am just not putting myself on a time limit. Nothing really is that pressing anymore. I would much rather enjoy time with friends and family and write when my muse takes hold. I will be posting some pages on things I have learned over the last year that no one tells new widows. Of course I must keep you apprised of how the kids are doing and of our progress in becoming sustainable. I think I have set up more realistic goals these days and I am a little more aware that all things take time and progress won’t happen overnight. I still truly believe that we can make a huge difference in our lives, other’s lives and the lives of the generations yet to come.

I hope you all of a blessed day and look forward to sharing more with you.

Light, Love and Peace!

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