Being A Single Mom and Sustainable?

It's a long hard road but I know I can do it!

It’s a long hard road but I know I can do it!


January has been coming to a close and I remain behind on everything as usual. I thought I had set some attainable goals for this month but apparently not. I am almost done with my business plan and it has caused me to stop and rethink a few things. I am not changing direction per se but I am going to change my focus a bit. I have been working off of the same premise to become a sustainable farm and how to educate others on making those changes as a married woman with children. Well, it is different when you become a single mom (no matter the reason you become one). You no longer have that partner to share things with and bounce ideas off of and the like.

So here is what I am looking at doing. Focusing on what it takes to be a single, working mom and trying to make a better life for my family. I will be updating tag lines and other such information to reflect these changes. Trying to be realistic, it is going to take a bit more doing to make effective changes. I have to change some of my approach to things, my biggest challenge is giving in to conveniences. It is so easy to do when your time is so limited.

I do have help with various and sundry things, for which I am most grateful, however, those of you who know me well I have a tendency to try to do too much at one time. I need to learn to focus and I need to re-organize my life and my home to make things at least feel more convenient. Instead of perpetuating a cycle of ineptitude I am working on making things run smoother. I still need to learn to slow down and realize that I am not going to create a legacy for my children overnight.

The Sustainable Education Initiative is going to change in name, the goals will remain the same, the methods will be the same, I just need to have a name that reflects my new focus. Now does that mean that I am only concerned about single moms who want to be sustainable. Hell no! I think everyone can, I just feel that this particular group needs a different approach. And if things work for us they will surely work for others. It is still about educating people to make small, slow changes in their lives that will hopefully multiply and help create a better world for everyone now and in the future.


Light, Love and Peace!

5 thoughts on “Being A Single Mom and Sustainable?

  1. I’m a widow too. I know how overwhelming it all can be alone. I once bought 5 acres as a single mom, thinking that I would eventually find a wonderful man to share it with me, but alas, after 5 years of watching it go to hell because I neither had the time or money to care for it properly, I sold said farm and went back to the city. Now I’m trying to make my life as small as possible, and still be a good earth steward. There is truly a time for everything in life. Don’t make yourself insane. When life changes, sometimes dreams have to change too. Recognize your limitations and adapt accordingly.


    • I am learning my limitations and adjusting. It is really hard to change your way of thinking and looking at things. I am not without help, I have a great local community, family and friends but you know what I am talking about. The basic premise of the dream is still intact but the approach needs to change and you are right I need to stop driving myself insane and just take each day as it comes.

      I do truly believe that you can become sustainable anywhere, it is just a matter of how you approach life in general.

      Thanks Deborah!


  2. “…educating people to make small, slow changes in their lives that will hopefully multiply and help create a better world for everyone now and in the future.”

    That is the “legacy” you will leave with your children, my dear. That… and the time you’ve spent with them.



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